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Hi, travelers! I’m finally done my army course and I can’t wait to start writing again. The course was an absolute nightmare – I wanted to stop and quit several times but my ego and loved ones stopped me.

I should be starting the process of buying tickets and planning for my next trip within the next few weeks so I should have lots of articles coming out on the blog. Matt and I are heading to Europe for three weeks and I can’t wait to share with you all everything we experience. I think we are pretty set on going to Ireland as our first stop – it’s one of the cheapest places for me to fly to and Matt is a huge Guinness fan so I want him to try the real stuff. We talked about Romania and Greece after Ireland but as most of you know I like to go with the flow so we will probably change our minds 100x before heading out the door.
I’ll be picking up my new camera next week so that also means you will get to see some awesome pictures instead of some crappy phone pictures.

I didn’t take out my phone much during the field exercise at the end of course but here are a few pics of me pretending to be hardcore army haha.

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