Bucket List

Here is my travel bucket list. Things will get added as I think of them!

Drink a beer in Germany for Oktoberfest
See the Eiffel Tower
Walk in the Colosseum
Have a pint of Guinness in a small Irish pub
Dance at the full moon party
Trek Machu Picchu
See Angkor Wat
See the Pyramids
See the Red Light District in Amsterdam
See the John Lennon Wall
Visit Vimy Ridge
Visit Petra
Visit Anne Frank’s house
Drink vodka in Russia
Walk the streets of Venice
See the Pantheon
Eat street pad Thai in Thailand
See the Red Light District
See Buckingham Palace
Swim with Dolphins
Go to Hawaii
See the glaciers in Iceland
Walk the Great Wall
Visit a Buddist Temple in Asia
Visit every continent
Surf in Australia
Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
Witness the African Wildlife firsthand
See the magic of Stonehenge
Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

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