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Save Serious Money when Backpacking Europe (or anywhere else)

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When you’re backpacking through Europe, you’re usually on a budget. You can’t spend too much money in one place because you know it means sacrificing something else at a later time. Well, I am here to give you the BEST way to save serious money when backpacking Europe (or anywhere else) on a budget. Implementing this trick will save you SO MUCH money and will allow you to do way more cool things.

It’s a really simple trick that I break down into two parts. Are you ready for it?

The BEST way to save serious money when backpacking Europe is….

Hostels with free breakfast.

Guys, if you’re not focusing your hostel search on the ones with breakfast included, you’re doing it wrong. As you know, I use Hostelworld for nearly all my hostel bookings. I love them because it’s super easy, gives me access to a ton of Hostels around the world, and I can specify criteria when I am searching for a hostel. I usually do a search for a hostel that has free wifi, free breakfast and a bar (but those are just my criteria).
Free breakfast means that you can avoid spending your hard earned cash on an extra meal. Most hostels that offer free breakfast have their prices set very similar to the ones that don’t so the difference is barely noticeable when you’re paying.However, the difference is very noticeable when you start having to pay for breakfast each morning.

Doing this alone will save serious money and ensure you can spend that saved money somewhere else. BUT, I have a way to make it even more worth while and I’m about to share it with you now.

Make yourself some lunch.

So you have free breakfast, and they have all these pieces of bread and cold cuts and spreads available in the morning… Why not make yourself a sandwich or two and save it for later? This is an awesome way to save on food spending. I would make some sandwiches in the morning, wrap them up in some napkins and bring them with me in my backpack for the day. Lunch can turn into an expensive ordeal if you’re not prepared so having some sandwiches on the go is a great way to save serious money. Plus, who doesn’t like a nice lunch on a park bench overlooking a fountain somewhere in Europe? I know I do!

Save serious money – go to a hostel with free breakfast!

It’s a super easy way to save money and put it into your travel experiences! Try it out (and I suggest you use Hostelworld since you can set your search criteria for included breakfast)… and as always let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Steph

    Yes! Hostel with breakfast is such a must! Great ideas

    • PeripateticKat

      Yeah it’s such a simple trick and saves so much money down the road!

  • Gary

    I’m not one for hostels – I like my creature comforts too much but these ideas can easily be applied to high grade hotels too..: I like it!

    • PeripateticKat

      Haha I understand that! Every once in a while I need to stay in a nice hotel or airbnb as well 🙂
      But being in the military I’m used to worse so a hostel really isn’t too bad 🙂

  • Warren

    Great Idea, will have to try it soon.

  • Summer

    these are great tips. My bf and I usually look for the local market and grab snacks from there for late night snacks and such.

  • Fee Miko

    This is a great tip! I have definitely done this many times on my travels, as long as you don’t get caught taking food out of the eating area! I know of a friend who got banned from a place because he took a banana with him to have later!

    • PeripateticKat

      Yeah… I’ve always been stealthy about it as I was never sure if it was permitted or not… Better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission is my policy in most cases 🙂

  • Francesca

    Awesome content and some fantastic tips! I never thought I’d be one for hostels however they were the best choice I ever made when travelling around Thailand! Made the neatest of friends, it out on dinners and was exceptionally clean!

    • PeripateticKat

      Yes !!! It’s such an underated choice but such an amazing one. I’m currently writing a piece just on hostels and why they are so great!

  • Paula D'Urbano

    Great tip, but beware it’s not OK to do this in some hostels. For instance in Wombats (hostel chain) they have signs discouraging from eat. Maybe overeat in breakfast to last till dinner? LOL

    • PeripateticKat

      Yeah, I would never recommend doing that if it’s clearly stated! Don’t want to get in trouble 🙂

  • Heather

    I love Hostelworld! Fellow budget traveler here and those are suggestions that I give my friends too!

    • PeripateticKat

      Hostelworld is the best… it blows my mind that people are still so apprehensive to go stay in Hostels!

  • monica

    Great idea!!! Last time i traveled i spent way too much money on food…i wont do that again 🙂

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